Learning and development

Schweppes is committed to the development of all employees and our approach has been designed to provide opportunities that encourage knowledge and skill development as employees progress through their career.

Targeted development programs are provided by the business to develop and enhance individual skills and capabilities, in order to achieve business objectives and priorities.  Our ongoing education and learning focus supports the development of the Schweppes Competencies that define the required skills, knowledge and behaviours at each level of our business.

To create an opportunity for continuous development and growth, we look at more than development and coaching programs as a way to learn. Education, experience and exposure opportunities are critical components in building both individual and team capability.

Experience – Real life experience is required to learn and master a role. This experience is invaluable and forms a core part of an individual’s development plan in any role, e.g. participation on business projects, planning processes, cross functional projects and secondments.

Exposure – High performance involves the need to build networks that enhance individual and organisational performance, and improve the quality of the interactions and connections with others, e.g. networking (internal & external), job shadowing, mentoring.

Education – Formal training programs help build important skills or knowledge, such as industry forums, seminars, training workshops, specialist courses and formal education qualifications.

Career Pathways

We encourage individuals to take responsibility for the development of their careers. Working in partnership with their managers, employees are encouraged to discuss their career aspirations and to identify possible career paths and potential future roles.

Experience in a variety of roles is key. A successful career at Schweppes is likely to involve lateral moves in each leadership level to broaden and consolidate skills and experience before progressing into the next level.


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